20 Facts About Me!

  1. I’m a mid-westerner at heart. Currently living in Georgia, but born and bred in Indiana!
  2. I have three beautiful and crazy children! Madalyn, 6, Abigail, 4, and then there is Elliot, almost 2!
  3. My husband and I have been married a little over 6 years.
  4. I am a licensed and practicing attorney in the state of Georgia. I practice family law, estates and trusts, real estate, and criminal law.
  5. I am a huge animal lover! We currently have a 100 lb pit-lab mix, Chubbs, and a six month old black kitten named Holly Jolly!
  6. My favorite food of all time is a burger. I mean, who can resist a burger????
  7. I love love love saving money! I hope you are looking forward to the good deals that I post on this page!
  8. I also love to cook. Anything!
  9. I absolutely suck at gardening….maybe one of these days my thumb will turn green!
  10. I am trying to be a do it yourselfer……Trying being the operative word.

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