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Self-Care? What’s that?

I read To Wellbeing and Beyond‘s post about self-care today. And it rang so true. I have three kids, a husband, a dog, a cat, and I run my own business, I am TERRIBLE at self-care. Why? Because I feel so dang guilty every time I go get that massage. I think of the time I should be doing something productive, but aren’t. The money that could be going to pay down those stupid law school loans, but it isn’t. Or how I should be spending the time and money on an activity to do with the kids? But I’m not. Or how I should be bringing my husband with me, but I’m not. I’m a mom, and the guilt is just plain normal!

But as I fell into bed at 8:15 the other night, and slept for a good 10 hours, I’m reminded of the fact that I need to take care of me. My kids aren’t going to remember if mom goes away for an hour for that massage. But my kids will remember if I’m too tired or too stressed out to go play or plan memories. It’s time to let go of the guilt. So my goals for the next few weeks are going to be:

  1. Complete my daily bible study. We are studying 2 Corinthians and as much as I try to complete it every week, finding the twenty minutes to read while I’m able to engage is hard.
  2. Make an accomplishment list. Not a to do list. So often I make some huge lists, that have no real chance of ever getting done in one day, and then I feel bad for not completing my list. So at least once a week, I am going to make a list of everything I did accomplish that day.
  3. Focus on making memories with the kids. Plan out a couple of weekends in advance, doesn’t have to be anything special, maybe just a hike to the next park…..
  4. Work out or take the dog on a nice long walk at least 4 times a week. So often, I want to get to the gym but think of everything else around the house to be done and I don’t. I need to make more of an effort.

So what are your self-care goals? What else should I add to my list? 


2 thoughts on “Self-Care? What’s that?”

  1. Self-Care is something that I struggle with as well. Sometimes I am too tired to even attempt to do anything I would enjoy. My two self-care goals are to get more sleep and to make an effort to get out there and do things that I enjoy, even if I am tired and don’t initially feel like it. I’m always glad I did when I get there.


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