The Dog

I’m not sure how to title this blog other than “The Dog” Meet Chubbs:


He is the laziest, most awesomest doggie that ever ever lived. This is a group of photos of him in his favorite location, sleeping on the couch. He’s wondering a lot as to why mom is possibly bothering him today. Chubbs is half pit/half lab and weighs in at 99.8 lbs. 

We adopted him from a seedy location on the way home from a cruise. He was maybe six weeks old. His poor siblings were climbing over boards with rusty nails and eating food with ants in it. I wish we could have taken all of them, but Chubbs got lucky! At the time I had been dating my husband for a few months and I had tried convincing him he needed a dog, he said he didn’t. I finally gave up hope and then he fell in love with Chubbs. It was the most awesome hour ride home, the dog wouldn’t stop farting every two minutes. And then he came home, boy was he crazy!!!!

We got pregnant with our oldest daughter about 4 months after getting Chubbs. I was worried, he was crazy! Plus my MIL kept sending me articles on how pits have attacked children. Let me tell you going each day to the mail box to receive another news clipping was fun! We built the crib, Chubbs jumped right in. And got stuck. He never tried that again. During my nesting stage, I hand sewed him a dog bed, he destroyed it in about 2 minutes! 

Then our daughter was born and he did a 180. He became a calm dog. Always checking on his baby. He would even get up for the middle of the night feedings to make sure she was ok. (Granted after about 2 weeks, he was done being woken up). But he loves, loves, loves his babies. They could do anything in the world to him and he would just put up with it. (He knows who feeds him!!!) I caught our middle daughter at 2 coloring in his ears, he was just sitting there. I think all of our kids have attempted to ride him at some point and he hasn’t minded at all!

We lost our beloved pug, a year and a half ago, and he is unable to allow another dog into the house. So instead we adopted a kitten, Holly Jolly. (Post on her to come later). He is definitely in love with her! 

I hate the bad press that Pits get. He is by far the calmest dog I have ever seen with kids. I would adopt 100 more pits any day, but for now we’ll have fun with Chubbs!


1 thought on “The Dog”

  1. He sounds wonderful! Oh my geez, almost 100lbs! I cannot even imagine. I had a pit right before I met my husband who was my whole world, she was the best dog in the world! I too will write a story on her in the future. Thanks for sharing!


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