International Women’s Day

Today is a beautiful day. It is a day where we should appreciate all of the women around the world and their influence on our lives. This year has been very hard for many women, myself included. I once dreamed that our country had truly changed, but this year showed it hasn’t. There is a very very long way still to go but today is a day to reflect back on how far we have come. 

I’m a working mom, one of the big points of this blog, and I can only be that because of the many, many women who have gone before me to blaze a path. I think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When I went to law school, we were pretty much equal. (Besides the lectures on how I should only wear a skirt in court and make sure I wore those nylons, mind you this was 2012!) I cannot imagine her experience, the adversity that she must have gone through on a daily basis. But she made it through and excelled far more than most of her male counterparts, those exact ones who said she shouldn’t be there, she should be at home. 

Everyday, I close mortgages for men, women, and couples. Not too far in the past, women couldn’t even have a credit card to their name, let alone a mortgage. I thank all of those women who went before me so that I can be financially independent, if a need arises. 

I thank every one of the suffragettes, that made it possible that I can even cast a ballot. 

I thank the members of the Supreme Court that made it possible for me to have autonomy over my own body and reproductive choices. 

On this women’s day, I even thank my husband. (Yes, he’s not a woman) But he is a true partner in the sense that I can work on my career goals and I know I have him behind me 100%. 

We have far to go still. We are currently on a set back, but hopefully in four years that will end. I hope that in my lifetime we see actual equal pay for equal work and paid maternity leave. As a momma of three, I hope that my daughters won’t be forced back to work at 2 weeks simply due to finances. But as with any marathon, it’s important to realize how far you have come. 


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