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5 Great Plants for Spring Planting

As soon as we get out of the last-ditch attempt at winter, it will be spring time!!! I’m so excited to get planting. This past year we ripped out our entire front landscaping and had some of it replaced. This inspired me to do some more planting. 

1. Redbud trees! I plan on putting some of these along our property line.

2. Lilac! The smells of this plant are just amazing! We have some nasty smelling spring trees in Georgia and this helps to drown out that smell!

3. Harmony Iris. Iris’ are beautiful flowers. I can’t wait to plant some of these so that I can put them in a vase on my table. 

4. Daffodil. No spring list is complete without the daffodils!

5. Tulips. These are also the epitome of spring flowers. The pink ones are so pretty!

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