A Word to the Wise- You Can’t Have It All

What an honest post. I don’t homeschool but even without adding that in, this is so true!


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10 Ways to use Matcha!

Have you tried Matcha yet? Matcha is a green tea powder that is loaded with antioxidants. I was lucky enough to be able to try Kiss Me Organics Organic Matcha Powder


Usually I just dissolve the green tea powder in some ice water and enjoy a refreshing drink. But this time I decided to experiment with some additional ways to use matcha. 

  1. Adding it to coffee instead of using a sweetener. It won’t be as sweet as sugar, but it is subtly sweet. Plus it brings those all important antioxidants early in the morning!
  2. Granola. Add some matcha to your granola! It adds a little sweet taste.
  3. Popsicles!!!! Add some matcha and water into popsicle molds and freeze them. This is super tasty and as soon as summer comes, you’ll be loving the refreshment!
  4. Miso soup. I love ordering miso soup from the local Japanese restaurant, but it seems to either be bland or too salty! Adding matcha will give it a little more flavor and reduce the saltiness!
  5. Enjoy it on  bagel! Mix some matcha into your favorite cream cheese and spread it over your bagel!
  6. Mojitos or other fruity alcoholic drinks! Just mix it right into the shaker. Go on, add some healthiness to that drink!
  7. Smoothies! Mix it up with a banana, cup of almond milk, a little bit of honey and some matcha. 
  8. Green tea latte, just like Starbucks! Combine 1tsp matcha powder with 2 oz of hot water, stir. Then pour 6 ounces of steamed milk over it!
  9. Spice Rub: Combine 1 tsp matcha, 1/1 teaspoon each black pepper, salt, ginger, thyme, and chili. Add 1/8 teaspoon cumin. Store in a container for up to 6 months~
  10. Freeze it! Put some matcha in ice trays, fill with water, and use in drinks to cool them off!




Have you ever had one of those days?

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Yep, that’s a hole in my closet ceiling from my attic. Yesterday was officially the day from hell! 

On Monday night, my two wild daughters decided to spin in my office chair and my four year old fell off and managed to hit her head on the corner of my desk. She seemed normal. Fast forward to Tuesday. She wakes up completely normal and eats fine. I send her off to preschool where an hour later I get a call about her eyes not dilating and her being dazed. So off we go to the pediatrician for a concussion check (thankfully, we think not but we are monitoring)

Then my two year develops a 101 fever and is super fussy and won’t nap. 

But the icing on the cake is when my husband decided to go into the attic to chase a squirrel. We’ve had the most annoying one ever living over my bathroom and its driving us all nuts. Well, apparently he got a little taken away and ended up tripping and doing this wonderful hole in my ceiling. (He is perfectly fine thankfully!) It sent insulation all over all the clean towels and linens! I had just put the last load of clothes in the washer and was silently celebrating finally being caught up on laundry! (The laundry gods laughed were apparently laughing at me!). Now, everything in the closet is currently in my hallway (which I’ve tripped over 3 times on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!). And there is insulation EVERYWHERE!

Although we did manage to have a lot of laughs. My husband brought down a pillow case, apparently he thought it was my son’s sleep sack. Instead when he said he found something that would bring tears to my eyes, I screamed like a little girl and ran into the other room. I was sure he had the squirrel in there. But alas that squirrel is STILL up there, driving me nuts!


Favorite Childhood Recipe



You know that recipe that your momma always made that you loved! This is one for me. Every family gathering, I remember her making these caramel pineapple rings.

So so good and so simple.

Pineapple Caramel Rings

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1 can of pineapple rings

1 tub of Cool Whip

1 jar of marashino cherries.

Take the label off the milk, place it in a saucepan with water completely submerging it. Place on stove, after it gets to boiling, reduce heat to medium-low and let boil for 3 hours. Remove the can. Let it sit till it is cooled. Voila, you have caramel or duche de leche!

Place pineapple rings on a service plate. Put a dollop of the caramel on top of each ring, followed by a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry!


My baby turned 2!!!!

It seems it happened overnight. It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital introducing him to his sisters. And now he is 2!

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He came out at 8 lbs on the dot. He currently weighs 29 lbs! When did that happen????? He is interested in the potty (and I’m delaying as long as possible). He loves cars, trucks, balls, cows, dinosaurs. He is an awesome sleeper and loves his sisters so! I miss the cuddles. 

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He got his middle name from his Grandpa, who passed away two months before he was born. It was so hard this year realizing that he has been gone for two years. We miss him everyday. I miss the calls after every doctors appointment and giving him the updates on his baby boy! I miss that Elliot will never have a chance to meet him. 

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But now he has grown into a little boy. No more baby. I’m excited to see what the years will hold on this bittersweet day!

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International Women’s Day

Today is a beautiful day. It is a day where we should appreciate all of the women around the world and their influence on our lives. This year has been very hard for many women, myself included. I once dreamed that our country had truly changed, but this year showed it hasn’t. There is a very very long way still to go but today is a day to reflect back on how far we have come. 

I’m a working mom, one of the big points of this blog, and I can only be that because of the many, many women who have gone before me to blaze a path. I think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When I went to law school, we were pretty much equal. (Besides the lectures on how I should only wear a skirt in court and make sure I wore those nylons, mind you this was 2012!) I cannot imagine her experience, the adversity that she must have gone through on a daily basis. But she made it through and excelled far more than most of her male counterparts, those exact ones who said she shouldn’t be there, she should be at home. 

Everyday, I close mortgages for men, women, and couples. Not too far in the past, women couldn’t even have a credit card to their name, let alone a mortgage. I thank all of those women who went before me so that I can be financially independent, if a need arises. 

I thank every one of the suffragettes, that made it possible that I can even cast a ballot. 

I thank the members of the Supreme Court that made it possible for me to have autonomy over my own body and reproductive choices. 

On this women’s day, I even thank my husband. (Yes, he’s not a woman) But he is a true partner in the sense that I can work on my career goals and I know I have him behind me 100%. 

We have far to go still. We are currently on a set back, but hopefully in four years that will end. I hope that in my lifetime we see actual equal pay for equal work and paid maternity leave. As a momma of three, I hope that my daughters won’t be forced back to work at 2 weeks simply due to finances. But as with any marathon, it’s important to realize how far you have come. 


The Dog

I’m not sure how to title this blog other than “The Dog” Meet Chubbs:


He is the laziest, most awesomest doggie that ever ever lived. This is a group of photos of him in his favorite location, sleeping on the couch. He’s wondering a lot as to why mom is possibly bothering him today. Chubbs is half pit/half lab and weighs in at 99.8 lbs. 

We adopted him from a seedy location on the way home from a cruise. He was maybe six weeks old. His poor siblings were climbing over boards with rusty nails and eating food with ants in it. I wish we could have taken all of them, but Chubbs got lucky! At the time I had been dating my husband for a few months and I had tried convincing him he needed a dog, he said he didn’t. I finally gave up hope and then he fell in love with Chubbs. It was the most awesome hour ride home, the dog wouldn’t stop farting every two minutes. And then he came home, boy was he crazy!!!!

We got pregnant with our oldest daughter about 4 months after getting Chubbs. I was worried, he was crazy! Plus my MIL kept sending me articles on how pits have attacked children. Let me tell you going each day to the mail box to receive another news clipping was fun! We built the crib, Chubbs jumped right in. And got stuck. He never tried that again. During my nesting stage, I hand sewed him a dog bed, he destroyed it in about 2 minutes! 

Then our daughter was born and he did a 180. He became a calm dog. Always checking on his baby. He would even get up for the middle of the night feedings to make sure she was ok. (Granted after about 2 weeks, he was done being woken up). But he loves, loves, loves his babies. They could do anything in the world to him and he would just put up with it. (He knows who feeds him!!!) I caught our middle daughter at 2 coloring in his ears, he was just sitting there. I think all of our kids have attempted to ride him at some point and he hasn’t minded at all!

We lost our beloved pug, a year and a half ago, and he is unable to allow another dog into the house. So instead we adopted a kitten, Holly Jolly. (Post on her to come later). He is definitely in love with her! 

I hate the bad press that Pits get. He is by far the calmest dog I have ever seen with kids. I would adopt 100 more pits any day, but for now we’ll have fun with Chubbs!


Sugar Withdrawal……

We started low carb on March 1st, basically to lose some weight before we go on a cruise next month and gain it all back! Which so far its working, I’m down 6.3 lbs in my first week! But dang do I miss sugar and carbs! As I sit here and stare enviously at the cereal I’m pouring for our kids, and I’m not even a fan of cereal. 

And man, how a nice sugared up latte from Starbucks would taste right now. 

I always thought I didn’t have an addictive personality. But apparently I’m addicted to sugar. Also, addicted to caffeine, but I treat that more as a blessing than a curse!

I keep telling myself I just have to make it to Sunday. (It’s my littlest one’s second birthday, which means cake!!!!)


Low Carb Taco Bake


This taco bake is one of my favorite low carb recipes! We are doing low carb and it can be hard to find awesome recipes, but this is great. I do a variation on the Food.com Version, you can check the original out there or use mine! Let me know how it turns out!


4 ounces cream cheese, softened
3 eggs
1⁄3 cup heavy cream
1⁄2 teaspoon taco seasoning
8 ounces monterey jack cheese, shredded

1/2 lb chorizo
1/2 lb ground beef
3 teaspoons taco seasoning
1⁄4 cup tomato sauce
4 ounces chopped green chilies
8 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded

  • Oil or grease your 9×13 pan. We use an olive oil spray!
  • Spread the cheese in the bottom.
  • Mix the cream cheese, eggs, heavy cream, and taco seasoning together. Spread over the cheese.
  • Bake in over at 375 for 25 minutes
  • Let stand for a few minutes
  • Cook the ground beef and the chorizo
  • Mix the meat with the rest of the topping ingredients, besides the cheese.
  • Put on top of the crust mixture
  • Top with cheese and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes!!!
  • Enjoy!!!